Mandate / Philosophy


DIRECTIONS believes in supporting citizens with disabilities, through support of its member agencies. Further, DIRECTIONS will adhere strongly to our values in pursuit of our Mission.


Stewardship and Accountability

  • DIRECTIONS will maintain integrity, honesty and accountability in all situations.
  • DIRECTIONS is a responsible organization and is accountable to its members and all stakeholders for its actions and decisions.
  • DIRECTIONS will always strive to make best possible use of all of its resources.

Respect and Integrity

  • DIRECTIONS values relationships based on mutual trust and respect, and compassion.
  • DIRECTIONS will pursue integrity in all its relations.
  • DIRECTIONS will treat members in a dignified, respectful manner and promote mutual respect among member agencies.
  • DIRECTIONS respects the generosity of its member agencies, sharing resources and information for the benefit of all.


  • All member agencies have an equal and democratic voice in the function of the council.

Open Communication

  • DIRECTIONS values open communication among members, and the sharing of information.

Learning Environment

  • DIRECTIONS supports an active learning environment in all its activities, addressing professionalism, current issues and a strengthening of its member agencies.

Leadership and Best Practice

  • DIRECTIONS is responsible for knowing the issues relevant to member agencies and will provide effective leadership on behalf of its members in promoting best practices, professionalism, quality of service and partnering in the community.

Philosophy of Quality

Respect for People – Dedication to Clients

Our overall commitment to quality improvement cannot be sustained without a genuine respect for all people: but our motivation comes from the desire to serve people with disabilities – our clients. We believe in the uniqueness & contribution of all people and the rights and responsibilities of full citizenship. Everything we do relative to quality and quality improvement aligns with these core beliefs. These beliefs are the source of our vision and commitment to our clients. Normalization and social role valorization, empowerment, independence, individualized services, personal goals, and life long learning are realities we actively pursue in interactions with clients. Clients have experiences with us that support their success in everyday life. We provide exposure to diverse people, opportunities and settings. Interactions with others are an important component of all opportunities provided.

Quality Organizations, Independent Members of our Communities

Our organizations are created from within and connected to our communities. We evolve with local needs, we do work that’s meaningful and that provides a vehicle for clients to reach their goals. We balance the running of a sustainable business with meeting the needs of our clients. We won’t compromise meeting client needs to meet business needs. Business revenues help preserve our autonomy. Independence is required for meaningful partnerships. We are in touch with community and market changes that affect demand for, and expectations of, our products and services. We commit to the ongoing evaluation of program quality, not just staying current, but progressing and demonstrating leadership. We emphasize, and celebrate, client achievement. Through great product quality and fair market value we uphold the value of our clients in the eyes of our customers and our community.

Quality People

In order for clients to be the best that they can be, staff must be the best that they can be. Our focus on staff training demonstrates the priority we attach to proficiency beyond minimum core competencies. Enhanced staff training helps professionalize our industry. We provide clean, safe and accessible buildings. Staff demonstrate and promote our client-centered philosophy, accepting responsibility for helping clients achieve their goals. Volunteers make rich and diverse contributions to governance and operations, influencing quality and reflecting the support of our community. Volunteers help shape community opinions about the value of our organizations and clients.

Quality Relationships

We are more successful when we collaborate with others. There is equality and fairness in all our activities. We strive for communication that facilitates mutual understanding and influences expectations amongst all who affect our clients’ quality of life. Clearly explaining who we are and what we do heightens awareness, and fosters support, in our communities. We are accountable for the quality of our service.


Did you know, the production of fruit juice leaves behind 20-50% of the fruit weight? This waste product is called pomace, and it is typically composted. However, our friends at LakeCity Works knew they could do something even better with it! In 2023, LakeCity Works received funding from Divert NS through the DirectioNS Council partnership to develop locally made, all-natural dog treats using blueberry pomace sourced from local blueberry producers. By transforming blueberry juice pomace into wholesome treats for our furry friends, LakeCity (& Woofingtons of LakeCity) are not just reducing waste and supporting local, they are also creating supportive employment opportunities for their participants. Huge thanks to Divert NS for backing our mission and helping us make Nova Scotia a greener, cleaner place! 💚 #WasteReduction #BerryJuicePomace #DogTreats #SustainableSolutions #DirectioNS #DivertNS #WasteDiversion #novascotiaenvironment #CommunityImpact LakeCity Works ... See MoreSee Less
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Exciting news! 🎉 DIRECTIONS has been awarded $50,000 by Divert NS to fuel our waste diversion partnership for another year! 💚 This program supports agencies in Nova Scotia that empower individuals with disabilities, and we're thrilled to be part of it for the third year running.Thanks to Divert NS's support since April 2021, we've launched 26 impactful projects spanning the entire province! ♻️ From textiles to electronics, we've tackled various waste materials, making a real difference for our environment and local communities.This collaboration's outcomes are immense, benefiting not just the environment but also our communities and the people we serve. 🌍 We're immensely grateful to Divert NS for recognizing our role in Nova Scotia's waste diversion sector and for their continued partnership. Together, we're ma#WasteDiversiona#CommunityImpacte#novascotiaenvironment #CDivert NSmpThe Sunset Communityonment Divert NS The Sunset Community ... See MoreSee Less
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Our communities are full of valuable materials that we can reuse. The Swap, Share, Thrift, Repair theme of Waste Reduction Week speaks to a lot of the important work done throughout the province by DirectioNS agencies. Now, you can find Swap, Share, Thrift, Repair resources in your community using the new search tool from Divert NS! Visit: You can choose your region to see what is near to you. You can also search by type and zone in on: clothing, household items, musical instruments, recreation equipment, technology, tools, and workshop services. We are proud to see 16 thrift stores in our network featured in this new resource. See the list of thrift stores below and look for them in the guide!Bridge Adult Service Centre Nora's New to You Thrift StoreSCAPE Society Glace BayeDigby Bargain BinnPrescott GroupGRick's Riches Thrift StorerThe ROC Society StoreiNew BoundariesBIn Your Back Pocket Thrift StorerNew To YouNGerald Hardy Memorial SocietyaThe Sunset Social Hub Oxford/PugwashiSunset IndustriesISecondChance_BoutiqueeThegreendooreMill Road Social Enterprisesnterprises ... See MoreSee Less
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This week is Waste Reduction Week, and the theme is Swap, Share, Thrift, Repair. To celebrate, we are proud to announce the recipients of this year’s Waste Diversion Grants Program funded by Divert NS. The successful projects are: The Thrift Group: Optimizing thrift operations network-wide.The Sunset Community: Expanding a rag-making business with the thrift stores’ surplus textiles.LakeCity Works: Launching a Junk Removal Pilot to recover recyclable materials and useable goods.Prescott Group: Increasing the capacity and efficiency of the thrift store. The Flower Cart Group - Manufacturing yard games, signage, and artisan wood products from pallets and surplus textiles.Inclusion Clare- Acquiring a shed for collecting refundable bottle donations.YACRO Social Enterprise The Store Next Door Gift Shop - Increasing the capacity for recycling used hockey sticks into furniture. Congratulations to all the project agencies - we wish you success in your new pursuits! The program was exceptionally competitive this year, with 15 strong applications. We want to extend a generous thank you to our whole network for your ongoing leadership in waste diversion initiatives.Here is a look at some of the exciting things being made at The Flower Cart Group as part of their project recycling used pallets. Check out the decorative turkey and lemonade stand they have made so far! ... See MoreSee Less
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DIRECTIONS is excited to announce the continuation of our successful waste diversion partnership with Divert NS. On April 1, 2022, Divert NS awarded DIRECTIONS $50,000 towards waste diversion initiatives for social enterprises in Nova Scotia that support individuals with a disability. The initial funding year has seen success with innovative use of potential waste materials from thrift and wood operations, refundable bottles, and miscellaneous materials. At New Boundaries in Windsor, the diversion funding purchased an outdoor covered shelter and specialty woodworking tools to support the production of artisan wood products.We thank Divert NS for their ongoing generosity and look forward to the impact that the additional funding will have for DIRECTIONS member agencies and non-member partners, and waste management in Nova Scotia more broadly.For information on how to apply for the funding, DIRECTIONS member agencies and community organizations with a mandate to employ individuals having a disability can contact Hanna Longard, the Diversion Projects Coordinator for DIRECTIONS, at ... See MoreSee Less
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The Directions Council would like to acknowledge the support and funding provided by Divert NS in an effort to expand our waste diversion outcomes.


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