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DIRECTIONS Council for Vocational Services Society is a not for profit organization representing 29 member agencies throughout Nova Scotia. The Council’s mandate is to assist and support member organizations in the delivery of services that promote the abilities and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the every day activities of their community.

We welcome you to our website and invite you to find out more about how we believe in supporting citizens with disabilities through support of our member agencies!


DIRECTIONS Council for Vocational Services Society is a network of community organizations providing employment and community inclusion supports for individuals having a disability. Activities that promote recycling and initiatives that keep waste out of landfills are popular among many social enterprises in the DIRECTIONS network. To further foster this activity, DIRECTIONS has entered into a partnership with Divert NS to reduce waste and increase environmental sustainability. We are excited to announce that this $100,000 Waste Diversion Grant funded by Divert NS has been awarded to 10 member and partner agencies! Over the last year, agencies have met to learn about waste diversion and share knowledge on how to address specific waste materials such as surplus textiles in thrift store operations. The resulting projects will implement meaningful waste diversion in their communities and create training and employment opportunities for the individuals that agencies serve. Many projects were developed in collaboration with the expertise of Regional Solid Waste Educators and Coordinators. Stay tuned to hear about each project and discover new waste-diverting products and services near you!#DivertNS #directionscouncil #sustainability #fundingopportunity ... See MoreSee Less
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Directions Council is pleased to highlight the continued success of the WinAbility Nova Scotia 50/50 Raffle. This initiative was created to support Persons with Disabilities across Nova Scotia. Our member agencies have played a significant role in the development and execution of this opportunity. We encourage you to participate in this charity effort by supporting any of our member agencies.For more information on the WinAbility project, insights from our member agencies or details to purchase tickets, please go to WinAbility Nova Scotia 50/50 on Facebook. ... See MoreSee Less
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The Directions Council is pleased to Welcome Henk van Leeuwen as the new Executive Director of DASC. We will look forward to many more great developments coming from DASC under his leadership. On behalf of the network, we wish him the very best in his new role. ... See MoreSee Less
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The DirectioNS Council of Nova Scotia is very pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership agreement with Divert NS. Divert NS is contributing $100,000 to DirectioNS, to finance the development and implementation of waste diversion initiatives by our member agencies and/or approved partner agencies in Nova Scotia. For over 20 years, Divert NS has worked to help foster a culture of recycling in Nova Scotia. Divert NS operates two primary, or core recycling programs: the Beverage Container Deposit‐Refund Program and the Used Tire Management Program. These two highly successful programs are the core of Divert NS’s business and have been embraced across Nova Scotia. Divert NS also manages a network of Enviro‐Depots in over 75 locations throughout the province. In addition, they work in partnership with provincial and municipal government, industry, and academia to divert waste‐resources from landfill.The DirectioNS Council is a not-for-profit organization representing 30 member agencies throughout Nova Scotia. The Council’s mandate is to support member organizations in promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the life of their community. All agencies operate social enterprise businesses, many of which are focused on waste diversion. To learn more about this project, please contact Mike Townsend, Executive Director of the DirectioNS, at: mikeroyt@gmail.com For more information on Divert NS, click here: divertns.ca/For more information on DirectioNS, click here: directionscouncil.org/ ... See MoreSee Less
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The Directions Council would like to acknowledge the support and funding provided by Divert NS in an effort to expand our waste diversion outcomes.


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